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I hesitate to describe, as musings of an intellectual twentysomething living a charmed life in NYC seems rather cliche at this point, right? But I had a semi-secret and exclusively-delivered gossip sheet/public diary in college with a friend of mine, and my friends still in the city, though most especially those sadly not here anymore, have asked me to start recording my usually at least somewhat amusing commentary on my life and observations...and I'm often amenable to persuasive suggestion.

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I'm currently a frustrated fashion editor and a humanities dork combined in the body of a law student. I'm also Scarlett O'Hara in the body of a northern intellectual elitist preppy. Confused yet? Me too. Welcome to my world.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ugh. I actually have to work today. Not at work, of course, because my security clearance hasn't gone through. Clearly my checkered past as a prostitute is not amusing to the FBI. So I work at home, which is tres distracting. How are you supposed to work when you have a TV and a pile of romance novels waiting? Nevermind the massive amounts of renovation noise taking place in the townhouse next door, that has started at 8am EVERY FUCKING MORNING for the past, oh, 2 months?


In any case, so it's 12:30, and I just woke up from a lovely wine-induced sleep. Chardonnay is the best - none of the hangover headache of sauv blanc. I re-ordered this one from Fresh Direct pronto. A new bottle arrives between 2 and 4 (or much later, if Fresh Direct continues their recent track record. And if it starts raining, forget it). Also, a lesson taught to me by the Dove lounge down in NOHO - white wine goes best with John WH Macy chesse sticks. Yum. That was dinner last night. And a scone from Sarabeth's (frozen via Fresh Direct).

I hate Fresh Direct. They insinuate themselves into your life, then make you sit and wait two hours for groceries and then deliver way late. They do, however, bring your groceries to your door, even if you're in, like, and 8th floor walk up. God, I hope those don't actually exist.

So, today is for work...until, mmm, 4:30ish, when I leave for Brooklyn for the office happy hour. Yay! Cocktails! I'll have to see whether the femme attorneys drink beer, wine, or cocktails to see what I'll get. I'd rather not beer, as I sort of can't stand it, but who wants to look like the hardcore drinker when everyone else just grabbed a beer, or the prissy princess with the white wine? Not me. Even though I sort of am the prissy princess.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An Introduction of Sorts

Ugh. I did an intro post but lost it, and honestly I don't have the energy anymore tonight. Or maybe the buzz is wearing off? My friend from undergrad (Columbia - and NOT BARNARD) R and I were going to go somewhere fab for cocktails after work, but it's pouring today in New York.


Like my dog Savannah at home in Boston (my mother is a southern transplant), I kind of get squinty at the rain. My parents blame her stubborness and princessy insistance on gettng her own way on the fact that she spent her first (and, naturally, formative) week with me. Alone. Clearly, I rubbed off. We both love water, but squint when it comes down from the sky. We do not remember saying it could rain. Just imagine if I had had a little sister!

Anyways, so we got manicures and had some white wine instead of hitting a rooftop bar for cocktails. Then she left for a date, with her new boyfriend who, by the way, looks exactly like her old boyfriend. Um, yeah. Way to move on, love.

So right. I was left with a half-bottle of wine to finish ON MY OWN, not that this is precisely a problem, but it made my first post here less than coherent, I think. Not that my posts are necessarily coherent...I firmly believe in stream of consciousness writing.

But this is good. After a really, really hard and depressing first year of law school (the people are great, but the classes are tres boring - and I'm easily distracting by planning the weekend's party over im - and finals blow), my goal for the summer is to get wasted as often as possible. Kind of like when you graduated boarding school, you know? But more about law school later. It's too depressing to talk about, seriously, and makes me cry at therapy on Tuesdays. I kind of just want to write for Vogue, even though I went to a top boarding school, an Ivy, and now a top law school.

Is that really so bad?